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About Us

​Welcome to St. Gregory the Great Parish in Oshawa.  St. Gregory was one of only two popes called "Great".  He was a zealous shepherd of the universal Church.  We still have many of his writings.  He particularly had great concern that all be deeply living our faith in Jesus Christ, and for our unity as Christ's own. 

When this parish was officially made a parish in 1843, our part of the world was still a British colony.  Our first bishop, Michael Power, whose body is entombed at St. Michael's Cathedral in Toronto, chose the name "St. Gregory" to acknowledge the role he had in calling St. Augustine to go to Canterbury in England and build up the Church there.  St. Gregory's was the first parish erected by Bishop Power.  In May of 2017, the present Archbishop of Toronto, Thomas Cardinal Collins, announced that Bishop Power's cause for canonization has begun. 

The present church is located on the same site as the first one which lasted for the first 50 years of our existence.  And very happily we have families here still who can trace their roots to those early days. 

Our community is very family oriented.  We are blessed to have generations of families joined together in worship.  And we see that in our ministries and activities too.  This has always been a close community and it still is a community of very human scale.  We are blessed with a beautiful church that has inspiring art, harmonious architecture and a natural warmth. 

Gathering on Sunday each of us brings the graces and challenges of our week to Mass, and in ways big and small, we are called to do for one another the things that will help us to live the Christian life fully with joy. 

Let us ask St. Gregory to pray for us: 

Dear St. Gregory,
You sought to proclaim the Good News
that all might receive it in faith
and live it through God's grace
with integrity of heart. 

Intercede for us, ask of Jesus who is Lord of the harvest,
to give us the help we need to live fruitful, loving, generous and faithful lives
that firmly bring us close to Christ. 
May we be inspired by the same Holy Spirit that animated you
to so energetically build up the Communion of the Church. 

May we receive God's help to commit ourselves as
members of Christ's body in all that we do and say. 
St. Gregory, ask God's blessings especially for our Holy Father
who continues the ministry of St. Peter
and may we be God's holy people in faith
both here on earth and in the life to come. 

In communion with you we ask these blessings through Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

May God bless you abundantly.  

Fr. Robert (Bob) O'Brien
Pastor, St. Gregory the Great Parish