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Letters of Reference for Catholic Teacher Applicants

Posted : May-10-2022

If you are a teacher, or one of your children is currently studying to become a teacher in our Catholic schools, part of the application process for the Board includes a letter of reference from your pastor. If you are from this Parish and intend to ask for a reference letter, please note that you will have to be attending Mass here regularly for six months and preferably participating in a Parish ministry before such a recommendation will be given. That is, applicants are expected to be practicing Catholics in good standing (https://bit.ly/PracticingCath). So, if you have a son or daughter currently in Teacher’s College and they intend to use St. Gregory the Great as the Parish from which they will request a letter of reference, but they do not attend this Parish (because they are away at school), they will be required to obtain a letter from the pastor of the parish where they are attending while away at school. 

Please remember all our teachers – present and future – in your prayers!  

A question for self-reflection: am I a practicing Catholic in good standing (https://bit.ly/PracticingCath)?